Alternative and Complementary Medical Treatments You Should Try

herbal diet for alternative treatment

There are many skeptics who, at the back of their mind, actually wish to try out alternative medications. However, the fear of these treatments not being the standards overpower the want and curiosity to try them out. As for those who have given these treatments a shot, they do not seem to be regretful of the decision. In fact, many of those who were able to give alternative medicine a try end up going back for the same treatment again and again.

It is not right to say that every person who tried alternative medicine was able to receive good results from it. No doubt there are some who are not satisfied or who do not like the effects these treatments bring along. Needless to say, every person is different and each of us will react differently when undergoing any type of treatment, be it conventional or alternative.

Still, there are alternative treatments which even the World Health Organization recommends patients to try. In order for us to get to know more about these, let us check out an overview of some alternative treatments worth trying.


One of the dealing alternative treatments in the world is acupuncture. This treatment involves placing needles on certain areas of the body; this practice is believed to allow the manipulation of the flow of energy in the body. It is important that you go to licensed acupuncturists like Michael Forman DOM, P.A. for this therapy in order to ensure safety.

Yoga and Meditation

Another leading alternative therapy worth trying is yoga or meditation and relaxation. And it is not the type of relaxation you get while watching movies at home on your day off, it is much more than that. This practice promotes mindfulness, which basically teaches you how to concentrate on the present circumstances relieving your mind from other stressors. Yoga is great for those who have anger management issues, have metabolism problems, cardiovascular and circulatory issues, and many more.


Massage must be done by professionals as well. This alternative therapy probably stemmed from the Alexander technique which revolves mainly around the importance of touch as a powerful experience that has been shown to improve well-being.

reiki as alternative medicine

Diet Practices

These diet practices will usually introduce you to healthy eating. Studies have shown that the choice of food greatly affects our bodies response to certain illnesses, injuries, etc. Thus, in alternative treatments involving diet, it will definitely suggest changes in your eating practices.


Hypnosis has also been proven to help people dealing with certain ailments. Hypnosis is also popularly pursued by those who wish to stop behavioral addiction, abuse disorders, as well as chronic pain.

Reiki Therapy

This is a popular Japanese therapy that focuses mainly on the body’s energy. It is a natural method of spiritual healing and self-improvement. In this therapy, negative emotions and negative energy, in general, are removed from the system.


Biofeedback therapy helps people control bodily processes such as blood pressure, heart rate, tension in the muscles, temperature of the skin, and the like. The ability to control these processes improve the health of the individual. This is done by the attachment of electrodes or sensors in your hands which will then display the rates of the bodily processes; the therapist will then help the individual learn how to manipulate these processes.


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