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Your Ultimate Tips in Setting Up A Successful Home Theater

how to set up home theater

Setting up your home theater requires some thinking. The decision mainly lies on your hand on whether or not  you will invest in certain equipment, room makeovers, and all other decors and accessories for your movie room.

That said, we would love to help you in deciding which aspects to invest in and what mistakes to avoid. We have gathered several tips that are useful for those of you setting up a home theater. Continue reading to be enlightened.

The Tips

  • Examine the right and wrong angles

Before you even start setting up anything, you must know how to do it properly. A thorough examination of the correct and wrong angles is necessary. What is considered the right angle is your sweet visual spot; that is the spot where no lights and glare, coming from whatever sources, that would hit against your screen. It is a wrong angle, of course, if it is otherwise.

This step may also be done even after the setup; a trial and error process  will make you make the necessary adjustments for your home theater.

  • Soundproof your walls

You do not really have to go all out in soundproofing your walls; it is already enough that you cover the walls with egg trays/crates or do other alternatives similar to this. Although this method does not really soundproof the room, it still helps reduce sound level, echo, and resonances which is still helpful for your home theater.

  • Turn to surround sound system

To get the best quality when it comes to sound, surround system is truly the way to go. However, if turning to surround sound system is too costly for you; an experimentation of the placement of your speakers might also suffice for the mean time.

The secret is really the correct positioning of the speakers. A quick research on the best way to position speakers would definitely not hurt.

what projector to buy for home theater

  • Go for a projector screen

Ditch the expensive flat screen television set and go for a projection-based home theater. Again, you must do your research on which projectors are best for your home theater. You can check out Epson EX review or other projector reviews for you to have an idea of which brand to invest in.

As for the screen, you can actually make one by yourself if you are into DIYs. Of course, there are a lot of available projector screens that are super affordable but even a plain wall would already suffice; add in a dark color of the wall, whether through painting the wall or mounting a cloth, and you would already be good to go.

  • Make it multi-purpose

Do not limit your home theater room to just being a movie theater room. You can also turn it into your gaming room, music room, or even your mini library. Maximize the way you use the room so as to get the most benefits out of it.

Take note that you do not really have to make it multi-purpose right away; this feature might just come in time.

The Final Say

Listed above are only a few of the hundreds of tips available for this home project. What is really important is for you and your family to experiment on the upgrades of your home theater. You can paint the walls, hang pictures, mount posters, and you may even fill the room with food for your movie nights (though you might want to slow down on the sweets to avoid going to a dentist).  After all, the setup, decors, equipment, etc. are all up to your preferences.